Joshua’s Journal, Confessional, and Late Night Nocturne

Joshua Alan Doetsch
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Joshua Alan Doetsch once built a flesh golem out of grave-robbed parts and uneaten Halloween candy. By strange chance, this golem is fueled on rejection slips. Every day it begs and it pleads, "PLEASE, KIND SIR, KEEP ME ALIVE!" And so Joshua writes. You can thank anyone who accepts his work for allowing the poor golem to go hungry for another day.

Joshua is from Chicago,was writing video game dialogue in Norway, and is currently in Montreal for his next writing gig, where he performs profane acts of scrivnomancy. He has a fondness for fedoras, finds happiness in voodoo doll smiles, does a pretty mean Christopher Walken impersonation, and once upon a road trip dreary, out of extreme boredom and morbid curiosity, wrote a Blues song about necrophilia. He also writes fascinating internet profiles in the third person.
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